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June was a busy month.

Between turning 23, visiting my original home, camping, and entertaining a house guest here up North, I’d have to say I enjoyed the month of June. But that’s not what this little entry is going to be about. This one is dedicated to a little something I witnessed during PRIDE weekend up here in good ‘ol anything goes San Francisco.

Now, while the entire week was dedicated to celebrating, I personally didn’t really notice much going on here in the city; but this is probably because I don’t live anywhere near the Castro district. I heard it was really going off over there. The only thing I was really interested in was the parade itself and the after party that followed at Civic Center anyway, which was on the final day of PRIDE week–Sunday.

So, my special friend and I got up fairly early to try and not miss the entire parade (which was what happened with the Love parade–we missed the whole thing, but managed to get to the after party… I felt a little cheated, but what can you do?) By the time we got to out destination, it was incredibly crowded but we still managed to see some shiny, happy, gay (and sometimes naked) people in rainbows and glitter. We quickly tired of standing in the crowds and decided to venture to the Civic Center where the after party was already well underway. The whole place was a giant swap meet/party. As we wandered the streets going from booth to booth, we found ourselves in “Leather Alley” where everyone was dressed in–you guessed it! Leather (and bondage type clothing)! We stumbled upon this sign:

This is not a joke.

This is not a joke.

It was taped onto a homemade blue-tarp enclosure. You could hear some kind of announcer and there was a line starting to form. We spontaneously decided that whatever was behind that blue tarp was worth checking out and jumped in line. And who wouldn’t–it was free! You just had to be 18. Done deal. Right?

WRONG! That was probably the dumbest idea I’ve ever had in my entire life. Imagine walking into a room with 3 bondage harnesses set up, each with some insanely kinky/bondage individual tied up in some way, shape or form; an overweight announcer in her kinky bondage clothing explaining what was happening in each scene, and feeling so horrified at the site that you just couldn’t tear your eyes away and leave. Here’s a recap of each harness and scene, so that all of you can share in my pai–I mean joy!

In the first harness was a very obese woman with a leather mask, panties and combat boots on–nothing else. Her hands were tied up above her head and her very large, saggy breasts had gold nipple clamps on…interesting…

Moving on to harness number two, there was a man…at least I think it was a man; it had hairy legs and combat boots on–that’s all you could really see. He was kind of in a sitting position, but was completely tied up in black pleather and his leather clad “master” (?) was swinging him around ever so gently…alrighty…

There was also a man in leather undies sitting on a stool while another man caressed him with a toothbrush. The man being scratched with the toothbrush would occasionally jerk in…ecstasy? Ugh. This is getting bad…

Next was an obese woman in a red nighty being whipped by yet another leather wearing bondage freak. She would softly moan every time the leather whip lashed her back.

And of course, I saved the best for last! In the last harness we had what these people call “fisting”. There was a man wearing only a leather vest laying on his back, holding his junk, in a swing looking harness, legs spread eagle up in the air while another man in a leather skull cap and boots with a metal cock ring on stuck his latex-gloved, lubed up hands in the harness man’s ass…sometimes he was gentle, and sometimes he rapidly switched hands in a punching motion.

The best part about this whole scene were the (sometimes toothless) Asian men (of all ages!) watching in wonder and enjoyment. Personally, I felt like burning my eyes out.

I hope I don’t get in trouble for this post.