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I enjoy studying the the library.

It was not-so-recently brought to my attention that the name of my blog is also the title of a song. I’ve decided to share this song and it’s lyrics with you. Aren’t you excited? I know I’m not.

“Goodnight Rose”

Ryan Adams

Goodnight Rose, we’re going to win
Put your troubles behind you
And go on to bed

Let go of the worry
There’s so much nobody understands
Don’t live your life in such a hurry
Life goes by us oh so fast

And the sun will come up again
And I will be here
If you get scared just hold my hand

Tomorrow is yours and who knows
Maybe we’ll win the whole shabang
Goodnight Rose, goodnight, goodnight Rose

Good morning, sunshine, a new day begins
And the hustle and bustle of the traffic greets you kindly,
I can tell because you’re smiling

Come on, give ‘em everything                                                                                          That the winning demands
Just one more ribbon Rose
Before the mantle place caves in 

And the sun will come up again
And I will be here Rose
If you get scared just hold my hand 
Get out of that dress
Go on to bed, the bar is closed…
Goodnight Rose, goodnight, goodnight Rose
Goodnight Rose, goodnight, goodnight Rose 
Goodnight Rose, goodnight, goodnight Rose
Goodnight Rose, goodnight, goodnight Rose


Sweet, lyrical poetry, don’t you think? It makes me wonder who his “Rose” is.

April Fools!

Just to clear up any confusion, this is not me. I know a lot of you think it is and I’ve had people come up and ask me where I’ve learned those (awesome) moves and whether I could teach them these moves, but, really, it’s not me. The best you can do, is just watch the video and practice. I can only hope to one day dance as well as her…and own a pumpkin costume that is 5 sizes too small…

P.s. My favorite part starts during the lyrics “…and I remember…” It makes me laugh every time.

“You do this every time!” -Mom

The yearly condition continues. This is not something that I am by any means proud of, in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up going to hell because of it, but it seems to have become a tradition that I just cannot break. For the past three years, I have been hungover on the day that Jesus rose from the dead. Please keep in mind that I don’t do this on purpose–it just happens. In fact, this year I made a conscious effort to avoid it, but instead ended up with the worst hangover of the three, so far.

The first year was a fluke thing. A bunch of us went to a party in the boonies where there was far too much hard alcohol, which lead to too many specialty shots–Jaeger Bombs, Buttery Nipples, Shit on the Grass, etc. There was also a wide variety of Smirnoff Ice flavors as well, if I remember correctly. At the time it was all in good fun…until someone starts puking and no one is able to drive home. The next morning I was so sick I lost my eggs and bacon and ended up having to meet my family later on in the day because I was too sick to go anywhere.

Year two wasn’t quite as bad. A small Guitar Hero party where I did a big no-no: mixing of liquors; beer and 7&7’s to be exact. I woke up sick and pukey, with a terrible stomach ache for most of the day. Luckily, Easter was being celebrated at our house that year, so I didn’t have to try and go anywhere. I did have to try and be social, which was hard when I was doubled over in stomach pain. Oh well, live and learn.

This year was by far the worst. So bad, (and I’m embarrassed to admit) that I didn’t even make to see my family, and I now live 500 miles away from these people, so it’s not like I see them often to begin with. I had more than my fair share of fun the night before too–so much fun, that I can’t even remember half of it. I’m fairly positive that I should have been cut-off and thrown out of the bar and that I peed in two very public areas and puked in another. Luckily I have pictures to remind me of what I missed, while I was there. The hangover itself lasted until about 5pm Easter day, and the puking didn’t stop until around 2pm.

I have only myself to blame for this masochistic debauchery. The thing that bothers me the most is that I actually tried to avoid this behavior, alas to no avail. I told myself, two beers and I’m done; and boy was I right– two Big Ass Beers equaled a complete loss of inhibition, which lead to more more Big Ass Beer.

I guess I can only hope that I’ve finally learned my lesson and have the self control to be able to redeem myself next year. And the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that.

Apocalyapse now. Part two.

Well, fasting wasn’t nearly as difficult as anticipated or feared. The roomie and I kept ourselves busy with homework, school and errands, and before we knew it, we were light-headed and dizzy and it was all over! I have a correction to make from “Part One” though, and that’s the fact that you don’t just drink water, you can drink anything–juice, coffee, milk, acetone–anything!

We did end up stopping a few hours early; only because we knew we would be out drinking that night, and from personal experience, I know that drinking on an empty stomach is a terrible (x10) idea! Once we did start eating though, it was as if our stomachs hadn’t realized how hungry they really were; here’s a list of everything consumed between the two of us for the rest of the night: caesar salad with chicken, chicken, tater tots, pizza, 10 beers and 17 cookies. It was a good night.

The End.