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(Wo)man’s best friend.

I’ve got some pretty awesome roomies:

They’re also known (within the family) as “the most photographed dogs in the world”. But look at ’em! How could one not take a picture when they look like that and do the things they do. You want to capture every precious moment!


I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours…

I have writers block. Again. I let my imagination go wild when I run and think about the many stories I’d like to tell or the all of the random shit on my mind I could write about, but when it comes down to actually writing it–sitting down at the computer or with my journal–it’s just not happening. In the meantime, I just keep reading. Here’s what’s piled on my nightstand at the moment:

Flannery O’Connor The Complete Stories (Still!)

David Foster Wallace Consider the Lobster (Should probably just buy this one and return it to its rightful owner.)

John Steinbeck East of Eden (Always. But this is the paperback edition.)

Michael Pollan In Defense of Food (Quick read and hard to put down. I’m actually a little surprised I haven’t finished it yet.)

E.E. Cummings Tulips & Chimneys (Just received this as a gift, but very excited to really break it in.)

Women & Fiction: Short Stories By and About Women (So many fantastic [modern and postmodern] women writers crammed in one little book!)

In other news, weenie dogs really seem to enjoy beer. My estranged son, Buddy was a bit of an alcoholic and I’ve recently found out that my BFF Dottie also has a penchant for beer. Last Sunday, while enjoying a little hair of the dog (that bit me), someone knocked over a beer that was on the ground and Dottie ran over to lap it up. Now, while she is a fat weenie dog, she’s still a small dog and by the time my dad came over to wash the spill off of the bricks, she had already had quite a bit. The next thing I know, while lying on a lounge chair in the sun, enjoying a beer myself, I look over and see Dot on her back with her miniature limbs out limply in the air, lying in the sun. I wish I would have taken a picture. Clearly she was wasted. What normal wiener dog lies on their back? ( I know Dottie does occasionally, but this is usually when she’s wedged in between pillows.) As I kept watching her (and laughing at her), she very, very slowly tipped over to her side which is where she stayed until she had to pee.

What did I ever do before Dottie?