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(I can’t get no) Satisfaction.

I’m so easily distracted by the internet, it’s scary. I sit here on my lappy, with the intention of writing a paper, or even a blog and suddenly I need to check my email instead. Which then prompts me to check my Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, various blogs, bookmarks, etc. It’s never ending; and it’s terrible. Do you remember the days before the internet?! I do. And I remember getting along just fine; although, I was about 10 or 12 at the time…What about before the whole MySpace craze, which then turned into the Facebook craze? How in the world did we stalk eachother before then?! Did we really pick up the telephone and call to check up on eachother instead of reading a “status update” or a “profile comment”? It’s crazy to think about, especially since this whole networking site craze just blew up within the last 5 years or so. Five years ago, I could care less about checking my email, much less checking it at least 3 or more times a day. Five years ago I think I had better things to do and different priorities.  Today, I can’t live without the internet. It’s a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, having moved away from my hometown, the internet helps me stay connected to those I no longer get to see as frequently as I might like. I can see pictures and videos of birthdays I’ve missed, babies I have yet to meet and general goings-on that I used to be a part of. There’s also the convenience factor–you might be at work, doing homework, etc. and you can just quickly check and see what everyone is up to. And on the other, maybe this whole technological phenomenon is just dehumanizing. Maybe it would be better getting pictures in the mail? Hearing a voice over the line? Seeing someone in person? Generally speaking, I know what most of my friends (and family) are up to and I don’t even have to actually talk to them! Does this worry anyone else?

Good or bad, it’s a slippery slope.


My roomie and I ordered Chipotle online and it was the highlight of our day.

So there has been this recent “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” trend going around on Facebook. Normally, I’m the type of person who ignores these types of things (I’ve never done a “survey” on MySpace). Sure, I’ll read other peoples, but I won’t participate and make time for, or attempt to make my own. However, for whatever reason (probably in an effort to avoid doing homework and because Facebook is a far superior networking tool to MySpace) I decided to make a list of 25 random, useless facts about myself and “note” them on Facebook. After I had done this, I started to think of more random, useless things about myself that were probably more interesting than the first 25…and once I started to think about it some more, I decided to share the original 25, plus 25 new ones! Aren’t you excited to learn all of the following about me?! Enjoy!

1. I love chocolate milk. I used to drink it on a daily basis and still buy the huge container of Quik from Costco now that I live on my own.
2. I take a tap dancing class.
3. I turn up my music really loud and dance around my house when no one is home.
4. I have 2 blogs–one with a friend, and one that’s all mine. I write on the personal one on a weekly basis.
5. I cannot stand guys who don’t keep their nails trimmed.
6. I’m a sucker for the literary types and those that can make me laugh. And bands with string sections.
7. I once got in a fight defending my (now ex) boyfriend and got punched in the face by a guy.
8. I eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting.
9. I used to watch Bridget Jones and/or The Wedding Singer on a monthly basis.
10. I’ve broken my wrist snowboarding.
11. I’m afraid of heights and tend to get vertigo. No ferris wheels for me!
12. I absolutely LOVE fries with cheese and guacamole. I get it at least 3 times every time I go back to San Diego to visit family and friends.
13. I am a jeans addict. I’m always buying jeans.
14. I love grocery shopping and cooking, although I rarely do either these days.
15. When I grow up I want to be a rockstar.
16. I love to sleep.
17. I started writing a novel when I was 12.
18. I prefer beer over hard alcohol (unless it’s whiskey).
19. I own a dirtbike and enjoy riding it.
20. I own a 1967 Ford Mustang, and it is my baby. Blood, sweat and tears (and copious amounts of money) have gone into it.
21. I was considered “gothic” for the first half of my high school career.
22. I (am embarrassed to admit that I) was the prom queen at my high school–I know, shocking, isn’t it? And I almost didn’t even go to prom.
23. I love to go dancing!
24. I didn’t really start wearing heels until about 6 months ago.
25. I am currently addicted to:  Jamba Juice’s “Mango Peach Topper” (the smoothie with the granola on top) and  sourdough Parmesan pretzels, Ra Ra Riots first full length album, The Office and coffee (or course).

Those were the originals, here are all the extras:

26. I went through the following majors before I realized I was always just going to be a “professional student”: architecture, photography, nurse/doctor, psychology, fashion design, journalism…I think that’s about it.
27. I took piano lessons for about 7 years.
28. I love to play soccer.
29. I always joke that I’ll never get married or have children, but deep down, I think it’s inevitable (I even have their names picked out); and that scares me.
30. I have a body pillowed I’ve named Edgar Allen and I cuddle up with him every night.
31. I actually only watch Bridget Jones or the Wedding Singer when I’m feeling down.
32. I’ve been in love.
33. I have two “blankies” from when I was born and I still sleep with them.
34. I still wear the same retainers (almost every night) I got after having braces back in 9th grade.
35. I cried more when my dog died than I did when my grandmother passed away.
36. I originally moved to San Francisco thinking I would become a fashion designer or stylist.
37. I used to make clothes for my Barbies.
38. If I had been a boy my mom would have named me Ryan.
39. Whenever I tell people I work at a law firm they act all impressed, but really, my job is not that impressive.
40. I have to sleep with a fan on. I don’t know if it’s the noise or the fact that I like to be all snuggley warm in my bed with air blowing on me, or that I just sleep better when it’s cold; it has to be on.
41. I hate to dust, but I love to iron.
42. If I could snowboard everyday, I would.
43. I’ve always wanted to play the drums.
44. I wish I rode my bike more (and had someone to ride with)!
45. The first concert I ever went to was The Aquabats!
46. My favorite color is blue.
47. I love reading the “missed connections” on craigslist for entertainment when I’m bored.
48. My favorite type of food is Mexican.
49. I’m allergic to bees.
50. Where ever in the world I live, it has to be near water. Preferably, the ocean.
*51. I cannot live without mascara…well, I could, but I choose not to.

Now wasn’t that just fascinating?! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned next week for, “Why Carissa and Amy Should Have Their Own Reality Television Show!”

“I’ll look to like, if looking liking move; But no more deep will I endart mine eye Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.”

*It’s fifty plus one cool point, equals fifty-one.