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“I was at the Jabberjaw, Cutest boy I ever saw…”

So, I’m currently in Minnesota. I took a red eye flight here, and decided it would be a good idea to get drunk and then take a vicodin (Thank you Kiss!) before getting on the plane. Not smart. Not only was I out of my mind, talking about people that don’t even exist (Ed?), I was also sick to my stomach, but too out of my mind to do anything about it…which led to my first hangover of the year! Yay! Welcome to Minnesota!


Anyway, Day One consisted of: catching up on sleep, being sick, feeling better, driving around, accidentally eating beef for the first time in YEARS, getting sick to my stomach, puking and sleeping when I was supposed to be going bowling. Oh! I also saw a petrified cat! So far, that’s been the highlight of my trip.

Highlight of my trip thus far.

Highlight of my trip thus far.

Now I’m up, feeling better and everyone else is in bed…what to do…?