I’ve already lost track of the days!

Actually, I just got confused. I never really get to sleep in anymore so I (half) woke up thinking to myself,

“Wait, it’s a sleep in day, which means it’s a…Saturday? No, that’s not right, I don’t have work! Spring break, no school, duh!” And just smiled at the luxury of it all.

Anyway, here’s another piece I had been working on. I’m being told that I’m pretty good at these “flash fiction” pieces! This is the second revision of this particular one, so far.


“Lost Earring”

The last time I saw him, I lost half of my favorite pair of earrings; a pair I had worn almost daily. Simple, reliable; they went with everything.  I got compliments on them all of the time and they were only five bucks.

We were sitting on the couch, miles apart, when I realized it was missing. He insisted we look for it and began to tear pillows off of the couch. No big deal, I thought, I’ll find it later, but he was adamant. No luck. We settled back in, stealing side glances while facing the television, now even farther apart.

Half joking, but mostly serious I comment, “You’re the worst investment when it comes to romantic relationships.”

“Yeah, I know.”

I kept thinking about all of the places my earring could have fallen off—the car? The restaurant? Why hadn’t I heard it hit the floor? Maybe I had and didn’t think anything of it? Now my memory was falsifying details.

Later on he kissed me goodbye and I kissed him back for good measure.

I never found that earring.


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