You’re one who I’ve decided is one of my kind.

I’m learning to accept compliments. I recently realized that I don’t take them very well and when I receive a compliment I do one of the following:

A) Completely ignore it (because I think you’re full o’ sh*t).

B) Shrug it off and look at you like you’re nuts.

C) Bring attention to something that is less complimentary.

D) Change the subject.

I’m learning these reactions to compliments make me look like the following:

A) A jerk.

B) A snob.

Neither of which I want to be. Therefore, instead of doing the aforementioned A-D and looking like the latter A-B, I am learning to say these:

A) Thank you.

B) Thanks.

(I’m even thinking of throwing in a “I appreciate it.” Fancy, no? Baby steps though–I don’t want to get carried away here.)

How did you come to this sudden realization, you might ask? Well, sometimes I dress up for work (usually on Saturdays and because I don’t have a good reason to dress up otherwise), I bust out my “fun” clothes. On this particular Saturday I had done just that; my good friend and co-worker complimented me on several things and I countered her by bringing attention to something I thought less flattering to which she gave me a look that said, “Give me a freakin’ break. Shut the hell up and just acknowledge the compliments and say ‘thanks’.” And that’s exactly what I did. This look of relief came over her face as she replied, “Jeez, finally! You’re very welcome.”

And that’s when it hit me–that perhaps this is something I should work on. And how hard could it be? I only have to say one or two words and then the whole thing is done and forgotten. Easy peasy. Now, why I have a hard time taking compliments (regarding anything) is a whole other story. The important thing is that I’m willing to try and accept them! (Cheesy smiley face)


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