I’m too young to feel this old.

Last weekend was a long weekend. A looooooong weekend. And my weekends start on Thursday, so they’re already an extra day longer to begin with. Kiss’s cousin and his friend came up to visit from San Diego and from the moment they got here it was a non stop Crown Royal affair. And this isn’t really something I’m used to anymore…by Saturday I was dead to the world and slept til 4pm (but I didn’t get to bed until after 6am, so it makes sense). Now-a-days our household only parties when we have visitors in town. I definitely had a great time as is apparent by our latest video blog on ITSSOJ?!

Anyway, this current week has been a loooong week. I think maybe I’m still trying to catch up from last weekend; but as we all know, “no rest for the wicked (awesome).”  Busy work schedule, even busier school schedule (and some occasional socializing–which really just means going to the gym and tap class). And despite all the lazy jokes and sarcasm, I work hard sometimes, dammit! Which in turn means I get to play hard! So this weekend will consist of the following: working (yes, working–not partying) at 111 Minna tonight, sloshball in Golden Gate Park with the boys of Bernalamo on Saturday, C Night with the girls and then hopefully some park action (and homework) by Sunday. I am booked and I like it that way.

“Your shimmy shook my bones, leaving me stranded all in love on my own.”

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.


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