Oh, to be so painfully hip.

Hipsters. Love them or hate them, they’re everywhere…San Diego, San Francisco and soon I’ll find out if they’re in Minnesota! But that’s beside the point. Here’s a conversation a friend and I recently had about hipsters (please excuse any and all spelling and grammatical errors–it is just chat after all):

1:20 PM me:what should i have to drink from the fully stocked fridge?
dr. pepper? an izze?
k*****: beer
me: hahahaha. i wish!
k*****: oh damn
root beer?
me: we have cream soda
k*****: eh
me: that’s close
k*****: yeah. . .
1:21 PM i think dr pepper sounds nice. .. what kind of izze do you have?
me: i think we have clementine and raspberry
k*****: HM
raspberry sounds nice.
1:22 PM me: i think so too!
and those are supposedly “all natural”
k*****: oh well yeah definitely go with that one, for hipster factor alone!
me: hahahahaha
1:23 PM oh to be so painfully hip!
i think hipsters come from the emo family
k*****: oh yeah?
me: you know, like cats and leopards are in the “family”
k*****: right
i think you’re definitely onto something there
i could see that.
1:24 PM you should write a blog about it
me: i was just going to say that!
k*****: it should be titled “Oh to be so painfully hip”
i like that
me: i was thinking of more things to talk about for our show…i should have written them down
k*****: šŸ™‚
me: haha. good idea!
k*****: yeah
1:25 PM yeah that should definitely be video blog topic
and their many variations
me: ooooooh! how we love to hate them and hate them because we love them so (the boys anyway)
1:26 PM k*****: yeah, just the boys
its definitely a love/hate
me: ya
1:27 PM k*****: i can only love them from afar, because then i start to loathe them after about 2 minutes of staring at their skinny legs and nasty haircuts
1:30 PM me: agreed
1:31 PM and if they’re going to keep their hair long, i really wish they would wash it once in a while…
i know i’m pretty scuzzy sometimes, but pretty, clean, soft hair is more of a turn on
k*****: yeah, and maybe cut it so that one side wasnt noticeably longer than the other
me: instead of that weird unwashed hair smell
1:32 PM (oh and i was wrong, it’s “sparkling pomegranate”)
k*****: mmm
that sounds delicious
and very hip
So there you have it…one day I will go into more detail about my theory of hipsters and their taxonomic category–being related to those emo kids, and the emos being related to the goths and so on and so forth…but for now, this is all you get (mostly because I haven’t had the time to fully research and think this idea through)!
Also, you may have noticed a reference to a “video blog.” That’s right, we’re actually toying with the idea of creating our own “reality” (of sorts) show; seeing as we’ve talked about it before and apparentlyĀ no one is going to make it for us, we going to take matters into our own hands! However, I must admit that I’veĀ never been one to feelĀ comfortable in front of a camera (I think it has something to do with the shyness) andĀ I really hateĀ seeing myself on film, but we’ll see what happens…so stayed tuned for that.
“Give me a yellow brick road and a Japanese car and benevolent change”


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