I would like a time machine for Christmas, please.

I’m alive! And the semester from hell is finally over; only to be completely redone in a few weeks. What a sorry waste. One of these days I’ll be happy with the major I settle with and finally graduate.

Anyway, the shit really hit the fan in the last couple weeks, but I seem to be recovering just fine. I swear I lost my head completely for quite some time there, and it feels good to have it back on straight. I feel like Sally from “Nightmare Before Christmas”. She falls apart, but she just sews herself right back together and keeps on keepin’ on. The only problem are the scars, but even those eventually fade away with time. (Well, maybe not in her case, but you know what I mean.) What else is a girl to do, really? Life goes on and I don’t plan on slowing down or giving up just yet.

In other news, my bestest friend is coming to visit me, and I am nothing short of ecstatic! It will definitely be amazing to have her here (almost) all to myself . 🙂

So, this post is pretty much complete crap, but when I don’t write I start to feel this gnawing guilt, so I figured I would give it a go, even though I don’t have much to write about. Plus, I just wanted you to know that I want a time machine for Christmas, and if anyone could help me out with that, that would me awesome.

And remember, “Now you’ll never see/What you’ve done to me/You can take back your memories/They’re no good to me/And here’s all your lies.” (I’ve decided that I’m going to leave random lyrics at the end of every other post now.)

Thank you, and goodnight.


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