I’ve been listening to NIN a little too much lately.

So, I’ve got two blogs in the works. One for here, and the other for the joint blog I have with my associate. Now, you might ask yourself why I am bothering to write a blog about the fact that I’m in the middle of working on more blogs. The answer is simple–it may be a few days or weeks before either is finished, and I didn’t want my three loyal readers to think that I abandoned them. Anyway, both of the new blogs are really long, and personal, so I’m having a hard time getting the courage to post either. Plus, because of their length, they need MAJOR revision, which I’m currently working on; these babies have to be almost spotless before I will even consider “publishing” them.

So bare with me and hang tight. I’m also approaching finals and have a million other things to write that actually earn me a grade, so they take precedence.

In the meantime, remember: “What goes around, comes back around.”


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