I never brushed my teeth today…

But that’s OK, because I never actually left the house…so I didn’t shower, put a bra on or get dressed. I mostly just ate and slept, laid in bed thinking about all of the other, more productive things I should be doing and watched some season four of The Office. Thank goodness I don’t work on weekends anymore or I would never survive. I don’t have much to report, so there really isn’t much to write. Actually, I’m sure I could think of something, but I’m just being incredibly lazy. I’m just writing right now because I feel guilty about having not written my 250 words for the week.

So, now that I’ve admitted to having never brushed my teeth today, I think I’ll go and do just that. And eat some more.

Also, just FYI, I had a good day on Saturday. Nothing special I suppose, but fun none-the-less.


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