When the going gets tough, the tough…

…hide in their rooms? That’s what I do anyway. And more specifically, my bed. Remember when I said I jinxed myself? Well I definitely did. Unfortunately, I’ve developed a lethargic way of dealing with things that don’t allow to me to keep that plastic smile on 100%–which is to say, I don’t deal with them. I prefer to run away to sleep and wait for everything to blow over. Unfortunately, things don’t just magically blow over; there isn’t some swirling, whirling wind that comes through and blows all the shit out of life. So ultimately, no matter how much I try to sleep away my life when things aren’t quite going as planned, I still find myself dealing with the matter at hand. And I do it with a smile damn it! (After I get over that whole upset/disappointed/depressed bit of course.) As one of my favorite guilty-pleasure movie heroines responds after being asked if she’s OK (as she too has been dealing with a sticky situation):

“Oh, fine. And…scared shitless. But you know, perky!”


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