Where did the time go?

I pissed away my entire tax return. I don’t even know what I spent it on. And I most certainly didn’t plan on wasting the whole damn thing; so when I checked my bank account this morning it was quite a shock. I’m incredibly upset with myself. Seriously! What was I thinking? Where did this money go?

When I sit down and really think about it, I know exactly where it went: parking tickets, credit cards, shopping and socializing. The shopping part wasn’t a complete waste, and not necessarily impractical. There are many different kinds of shopping–grocery shopping, clothes shopping, household items shopping, and I mostly did the useful kinds of shopping. I need food to live (and I swear I stuck to the basics when I went grocery shopping). And I simultaneously ran out of paper towel, kleenex and TP–all much needed things when you have a cold and aren’t a fan of the “drip dry”.

So, I’ll admit that I did make a trip to American Apparel and I did add to my jean collection, but I just can’t help myself! I’m not addicted to drugs, I don’t smoke and I rarely go out. Shopping is really my only vice. But I don’t even blame the shopping for the money being wasted away, I blame the socializing! Who knew it was so expensive?! What happened to the days of laying around and listening to records? Or just being lazy and silly with your friends? That was free! Going out to dinner several nights a week, (Does no one my age know how to cook anymore? Is this some kind of generational thing?), going out drinking all the time–that costs a pretty penny! Don’t get me wrong, it is fun; there are no dishes to do, you enjoy a good meal with some friends and hopefully some good laughs, but this is not something I can afford to do on a very regular basis. Plus I always have to drive and that’s no fun when you want to drink!

I guess my point is, I would rather add to my wardrobe or library than be social and hang out with you! No offense. Hahahaha! Just kidding…kind of…we can meet up for coffee sometime if you really want to.

P.S. I love that I’m more upset about wasting money being social than I am about wasting money on parking tickets. Haha. Did anyone else catch that?


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