Apocalyapse now. Part two.

Well, fasting wasn’t nearly as difficult as anticipated or feared. The roomie and I kept ourselves busy with homework, school and errands, and before we knew it, we were light-headed and dizzy and it was all over! I have a correction to make from “Part One” though, and that’s the fact that you don’t just drink water, you can drink anything–juice, coffee, milk, acetone–anything!

We did end up stopping a few hours early; only because we knew we would be out drinking that night, and from personal experience, I know that drinking on an empty stomach is a terrible (x10) idea! Once we did start eating though, it was as if our stomachs hadn’t realized how hungry they really were; here’s a list of everything consumed between the two of us for the rest of the night: caesar salad with chicken, chicken, tater tots, pizza, 10 beers and 17 cookies. It was a good night.

The End.


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