Apocalypse now. Part One.

My roommate recently brought up the idea of fasting. I’m not entirely sure when or why this became the center of conversation. I know it had nothing to do with religious ideals, but, if I remember correctly, it might have had to do with health? Actually, I take that back, I just asked him—he’s just never done it, and wants to try it. Regardless, aside from that: the roomie and I eat a lot. We’re talking third and fourth-dinner here on some nights. We also share a love of sweets, particularly ice cream and/or chocolate chip cookies. We just enjoy food. And luckily for the roomie, I occasionally delight in cooking. Grocery shopping has become one of my favorite things to do; it’s like browsing a book store, there’s just so much and you want a little of everything to take home with you.

So back to fasting. It has recently come to our attention that maybe the reason why we eat so much is because we’re bored. I mean, it’s not like we sit around in our tiny apartment on our arses all day, but we don’t exactly have bustling social lives either. Our idea of a wild Friday night consists of sharing a large pizza and eating a pint of ice cream each; and if we’re feeling really saucy, a beer or two might get thrown in the mix! Ooh! We are pretty healthy eaters though, just to clarify any possible misconceptions. And we’re active. (I know at this point one might be picturing the cast of South Park in the WOW episode when they all become little, fatty, butter balls—I am at least, and neither of us looks like that.)

Anyway, so now, seriously, back to fasting. The roomie has decided to fast tomorrow (or rather today, depending on what time this gets posted), and just for the hello of it, I said I would too. Of course, I was only being half serious, but now I’m being held to it—and not by a very confident fellow faster I might add! He thinks I’ll be cheating the moment he turns his back (and maybe I will as soon as he leaves for school—I need my coffee!). I figure, as long as I don’t get a debilitating headache, I’ll be fine. And with the roomies low confidence in my fasting abilities, it’s become more of a serious challenge. There’s really only two rules to this fasting thing: 1. No eating (duh) and 2. You’re only allowed to drink water.

This might just end up being a “who can be crankier” contest. I’ll let you know how it goes…


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