Circle Stories

Remember in, oh, I don’t know, elementary school when you would sit in groups, have three or so minutes to start a story and then pass it to the person on your right who would then read what you wrote, and continue the story for the next minute, while you did the same with the story of the person on your left? And this continued until you got your story back and wrote an ending to it. Well, this is what I have been doing to get over my fear of letting people read what I write. A friend suggested it, and at first I was against it and thought that I needed to have a few drinks before even trying. However, having now completed many circle stories, I find it to be an enjoyable experience!

To show my love for circle stories, I have decided to share one of the many I have in my possession. Let me preface it by saying that parts of it are actually based on a true story and that this particular story was written by 6 different people. Also, please excuse any grammatical errors. I’m just going to copy it like I see it.

One evening, a girl went to a party. She took the bus, and when she got there she noticed that the black man sitting across from her on the bus looked a lot like the man she had seen making a ruckus in the grocery store a few months back. He had been pushing a cart in the store with all of his belongings in it, and in front of everyone he began making strange comments to the store security guard, “Are you gay?!” The guard said, “No,” and the man said, “Than why are you lookin at my penis?!” The security guard pulled his piece out and shot the man in the chest. He went on solemnly living his security guard life until a group of minority teenagers barged into his store wearing ski masks.

“Hey, you kids!” yelled the security guard.

“Yeah?” asked the kids.

“Are you gay?”

“Not really,” said the kids. “I mean, kind of, but–”

“Then why are you looking at my penis?”

The teenagers pulled out their guns and shot him. It was weird. And then, at the same time the kids and the security guard realized that their guns weren’t real at all. In fact they were squirt guns. The black man, the kids and the security guard started laughing uncontrollably and united together in a group hug. They let go from their embrace.

“I have a great idea!” said the black bum.

“What is it?!” all the other guys asked in unison.

“Let’s have an ice cream, pizza social!”

They all looked at each other in excited wonder, smiles from ear to ear.

“And then let’s have a squirt gun fight,” said the security guard.

And they all skipped away, arm in arm into the sunset.

The end.

Only in San Francisco.


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  1. 1 doyle March 10, 2008 at 7:12 am

    by the way..i love the name of your blog…rosie dear:o)

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